Established 2012

Who we Are

DISARM was founded as a partnership by Chris Condron and Duncan Bone after they met working at Wieden + Kennedy London.

They share an outlook that to be of any real value, the work you do should impact culture in meaningful and useful ways. In 2012 they decided to start a company to work on projects that achieve this aim.

Duncan is a multi-disciplinary creative with a background in industrial design. His work spans from traditional graphic design to digital interaction, film and photography. Equally at home with some of the leading digital agencies and traditional agencies alike, he has worked with a range of clients including Nokia, Nike, Honda and Fairtrade, as well as exhibiting at London Fashion Week and the London Design Museum. For examples of some of his work, click here.

Chris enjoys working most with those that focus on originality and creativity. Thankfully this means he has worked on a number of award winning and original campaigns both on and offline. His early years at digital agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine also solidified his opinion that being small, independent and putting the work first were all that mattered.